Entry #2

BIG update!

2009-08-04 02:10:57 by Dayl


...nah not really.
I just keep sloughin' away at my overambitious flash.

I have also started lurking the forums, and have recently joined a number of collabs.
The latest one is The AWESOME Collab!
Go join! We need more parts, because many people are lazy bums.
Whatever. No one's gonna read this anyways.

My own project, Sissy Fight, is having some hangups. But hopefully I'll be able to sort those out, finish the colouring, and submit that shit to the portal. I'll be glad to have it over with, and hopefully the next one wont be so tedious. However it probably will.

This is just the begining of my plan to RULE NEWGROUNDS!!!
And you're not invited.

thanks for listening!

BIG update!


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2009-08-10 05:29:35

You'll be getting that voice part from me really soon! Probably tomorrow!

Dayl responds:

Awesome, thanks man!


2009-08-24 22:03:06

i better be invited!....I AM INVITED RIGHT :D

Dayl responds:

of course you're invited! :D


2009-09-17 22:57:30

so how long before, you know? No pressure

Dayl responds:

Hmm>_>....to tell you the truth it might be a little while... :P
But don't worry, I'll get to it.


2009-10-21 23:51:48

Yo cant wait to see your progress, meanwhile check out my pic
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/co atl/modern-day-chavo


2010-06-09 18:20:21



2011-01-19 02:58:19

I like the logo, picture, thing. :D

Dayl responds:

thanks, dude! hopefully someday i'll get a site up!